Working Families Party
Working Families Party
Abbreviation The Workers, WFP
Chairman Marcus Villanova
Vice Kelly C. Washington
Founded 1980
Socially progressivism
Economically Corporatism
Spectrum Center-left
Harvian Politics
Close to Vert Party and Socalists
Far from SP

███████ (12,5%)

Marcus Villanova

The Working Families Party or WFP is a major center-left political party that was founded by the once servant of King Dimitri I of Lovia, Larry Washington in 1980. The party was founded to join all Samoans and English persons together. The party stands against Corrupt politicans and rasicsm like the SP. Larry Wahington is a samoan himself. Larry had a daughter in 1986 Kelly C. Washington who became the party leader in 2008. Larry stayed mayor of Thousand Apples for the entire time he was leader of the party. Kelly stepped down in 2010 when Marcus Villanova became chairman of the party.


  • Regulation of Economy
  • Samoan and English peace
  • $10.00 - $15.00 of minium wage
  • Low taxes on low income families, tax the rich.
  • Gay rights
  • Social Rights for all
  • A civilized imigration system, like ellis Island


Chairpearsons are elected by the party delegation, vices are appointed by the chairpearson.

Promotion and CampaigningEdit

The national headquarters for the WFP is in Thousand Apples next to the Vert Party's Headquarters. Tho the two parties run against each other they consider themselves friends. the monthly meeting is every 20th and is held in Thousand Apples. The two parties usaily have joint meetings. Usally the WFP have rallies for candidates in heated races and hold up the offical logo on posters for encouragement.


Other famous MembersEdit