The Vert Party or Green Party is a local political party in Thousand Apples. The party was founded by George Vert, Great-Grandson of the founder of Thousand Apples, Thomas Vert, in 1970. Vert's main goals are for Green enviroment, Help for the middle class and improvment for farmers lives. The party won the town's Mayoral Election in 1970 with Kenny Jackson. When Kenny Died in 1977 the town held a special election electing George Vert and was only then re-elected one more term. The party hasn't held the town's mayor spot since 1980 but has ran in evey election. The party also has a headquarters in Thousand Apples next to the WFP headquarters. Although the two parties run against each other they consider themselves friends.

The party is apart of the Green Coalition but is still an independent party.