Name Trinity
Language(s) English
Location Northern
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Trinity is the largest and only town in the Northern District, but one of the smallest in the whole of the islands. It is a quiet and beautiful town, although the population is beginning to increase due to the observatory which attract many astronomers.


In 1824 the first Christian missionaries came to the Northern District. They built a small wooden church, the Trinity Lutheran Church, and settled for a few years. However, due to a illness the community of about ten was wiped out, and the settlement became uninhabited.

However it continued to be used by traders who used the natural harbor to exchange with the native Samoans of the island. A few others did attempt to settle, but disaster fell upon them every time, until the Harvians began to believe it was unlucky.

In 1921, however, a Polish Jew named David Berezovsky immigrated to the Islands. He was unable to buy any land, so was forced to settle in Trinity. He succeeded where no others had and became fairly rich. After 1933, a large number of Jews arrived in the town to escape from the Nazi regime, and the town became fairly large.

However, in 1948 the State of Israel was set up and there was an exodus from the town. The Jews were replaced by Turks, Samoans and Britons, and the town became a hub for tourism. In recent years the population has increased even more with the foundation of the Ben-Chaim Observatory, as many scientists have arrived in the town. A Astronomy College, part of the University of Stamadri, was also founded

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Town mapEdit

There are two neighborhoods; the Old Town and Astria.

Simplified town mapEdit

Hawkings Forest Astria Yellowbird Forest Pacific Ocean
Old Town
Green's Bay


██ Mostly residential

██ Mostly economical (shopping)

██ Mostly industrial

██ Mostly administrative

██ Mostly natural/agricultural

██ Mostly educational

██ Forests and nature


The population is ethnically very mixed.

  • Jewish - 23%
  • British - 18%
  • Samoan - 17%
  • Turkish - 14%
  • Dutch - 9%
  • Other - 11%
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