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Name Thousand Apples
Population 8,293
Language(s) English
Mayor Ta'ia Moi
Location Reefs
Nicknames Vert Town
More information on town and neighborhood map

Thousand Apples is a small farming town that was founded in 1923 by Thomas Vert, a French-German Citizen of Reefs. Most of the population in Reefs and Thousand Apples is english. The city became a large producer of crops when Vert tried to farm here and discovered the soil was good for farming. The city grew to it's peak in 1943 when it has a total of 1,250 Citizens living in it. From the 80's until 2008 Larry Washington founder of the Working Families Party was mayor of the town. He helped struggling farmers and opened farmer owner farmer markets.


The town has always been rich in farming escpcially Apples. In 1925 the town started planting Thomas Vert's Favortie fruit Apples. Soon after Vert said jokingly all apples must be "Vert Apples" or "Green Apples". The town holds Appelfest at the Market Place every October which also serves as a Oktoberfest. There local farmers make Apple cider, Alcohalic Apple Cider, Apple Pie, and of cousre apples. Farmer's Markets are held every Saturday.


Most of Thousand Apples's residents are Christian, about 89%.

In 2010 the town took a census and found out exactly 1,000 people live in the town.

  • German-Harvian - 2,460
  • Dutch-Harvian - 2,209
  • English-Harvian - 1,112
  • Samoan - 1,111
  • Tongan - 774
  • Irish-Harvian - 530
  • American - 94


The postion of Mayor was adopted in the town in 1970 after almost 60 years. In the begining Vert was honaryary leader. There is a local party here called the Vert Party which is center Left and stands for the improvement of Farmers Lives. In the 1980's the Working Families Party was founded by mayor Larry Washington and still a major party today. The Term of the Mayor is two years.

List of MayorsEdit

Town MapEdit

Limburg Farm Thousand Apples Elementary
1A Green Street
*1 Skye Farm
2 Green Street
Red Farm
4 Apple Av.
Apple Farm
6 Apple Av.
Apples and Cider
8B Apple Av.
Roll Farm
2 Apple Av.
Apples and More
8A Apple Av.
Apple Avenue
Cameron Farm
2B Garden Drive
Noble Farm
4 Garden Drive
Marcus Villanova
1 Apple Av.
Market Place *2 Washington Grounds Park
5 Apple Av.
7A Naranja Av.
Cao Farm
2A Garden Drive
1 European Street
7B Apple Av.
Villanova Gardens Park
6 Garden Drive
Villanova Farm
8 Garden Drive
WFP Headquarters
10 Garden Drive
Vert Party Headquarters
12 Garden Drive
Garden Drive
Mio Farm
1 Garden Drive
Koshka Farm
3 Garden Drive
5 Garden Drive
City Hall
7 Garden Drive
9 Garden Drive
Arendal Farm
11 Garden Drive
Simon Vase-Sheraldin
4 Green Street
4 European Street
Apples Street
Vert Farms

Thousand Apples Bay

  • *1 - Green Street
  • *2 - European Street
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