Name Port Philip
Population 45,000
Language(s) Bavanda, English
Location Leeward and Princeton
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Port Philip is a large city and the financial capital[1] of the Harvian Islands. Its known for it's market, National Council, harbor and Decennium Hall. It has 45000 inhabitants. Many people work in the shipbuilding industry. It is located on Leeward and Princeton.

Simplified map Edit

Rail Village Leeward Town
Plains Park Square Waterside
Harves Hill Downtown Philip's Docks
King's River
Dales Montville Jules Creek Port George
Old River Orange Gardens Port Philip International Airport


██ Mostly residential

██ Mostly economical (shopping)

██ Mostly industrial

██ Mostly administrative

██ Mostly natural/agricultural

██ Mostly educational

██ Forests and nature

Geography Edit

Port Philip lies in the Lowland Basin of Leeward Island. It's located around the Philip Bay. The western neighborhoods of the town are rather hilly, whereas the eastern neighborhoods are merely flat. The town is split in two by the King's River.

Neighborhoods Edit

Port Philip counts 15 neighborhoods. All these neighborhoods have clear borders, and are rectangular in shape, since the borders of the neighborhoods are merely artificial, and don't follow ethnic groups, landmarks or purposes of neighborhoods.

Major buildings Edit

Demography and ethnicity Edit

Port Philip is the most populous town of the Harvian Islands. More than half of the Harvians live in Port Philip. There are many ethnic groups, of which the Bavanda Samoans, the native population of the Harvian Islands, the biggest is. There are also large groups of Tongans, South Pacific Samoans, Polynesians, Europeans and Asians. There live small groups of North Americans, South Americans and Melanesians as well. There are little Arabians and Africans, and almost no Australians.

Ethnic groups in Port Philip
Ethnic group Port Philip Harvian Islands
Bavanda Samoans 60% 59%
Tongans 10% 9%
Other Samoans 5% 5%
Other Polynesians 4% 4%
Melanesians 3% 2%
Americans and Canadians 3% 5%
Asians 7% 7%
Europeans 6% 7%
South Americans 1% 1%
Others 1% 1%

Transportation Edit

Port Philip is easily accessible by bus, plane, boat, car or train. There runs a railway from Stamadri to Port Philip, and there are many roads branching from the town to all parts of Leeward Island.

The city's road system exists of streets, that run from north to south and from east to west. In every neighborhood the street names are different, but if they are on one line, they are together called axes (singular: axis).

Port Philip access Edit

Twin cities and townsEdit

References Edit

  1. As described in Article 1 of the Constitution. Stamadri is the administrative and legislative capital.
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