Numerical Code L-00-00
Governor Harry Walton
Party Socialist Party of Harvia
Capital Port Philip
Towns and cities Port Philip, Stamadri
Islands Leeward Island,
Nicknames Mainland Harvia
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Leeward is one of the four districts of the Harvian Islands. The capital of the district is Port Philip. It is mainly known for the many governmental institutions. Leeward is the most important district in terms of economy, politics and culture, as well as in absolute population numbers. Both administrative capital Stamadri and financial capital Port Philip are located in Leeward.

Leeward has the largest area of farmland, and has an economy triple the size of Reefs. The economy of Leeward is equal to 58% of the total economy of The Harvian Islands.

Leeward was formely part of Leeward and Princeton before they before the two islands became independent districts after confirmation from the President.

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