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Welcome to WikiHarvia, a wiki about a fictious country called the Harvian Islands, that everyone can edit! Write articles, start political parties, begin companies, and many more!

You can start up your own business, which is very easy. You can create a new page and write down your introduction. Add a category and as much information as you like. You can also choose to join a company or cooperate with others. Harvian Islands has got a rich cultural life and history. You can write articles of cultural people now or in history, you can become a writer yourself, you can build a museum, you can write articles on natural phenomena on islands etc. You are as free as a bird! Just don't forget: let your story fit in our history.

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Harvian Islands Flag

The United Harvian Islands are a small archipelago and country in the Pacific Ocean. Is a former colony of the United States, and since 1850 a independent country. The capital is Port Philip. The country has an estimated 210.000 inhabitants. The official language is English.

The archipelago consists of eleven islands, divided over five districts. The largest island is Leeward Island. The other islands are Lower Island, Lion Island, All Saints Island, Midland Island, Princeton Island, Southern Island, Georgetown Island, Washington Island, Peaceful Island and Bridge Island.

The Harvian Islands have a high economical level, and the inhabitants are a mix of indigenous people and descendants of colonists. The country has many museums, natural parks and little towns. It's situated a little southwest of Hawaii.

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Port Philip is a large Harvian city and the capital of the Harvian Islands. Its known for it's market. It has many inhabitants. Many people work in the shipbuilding industry. It is located on Leeward and Princeton.

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