The Harvian State Dictionary of Bavanda is a dictionary of the Bavanda language. It's published by the state. The editor is Oos Wes Ilava, who wrote the dictionary together with current prime minister George Adams and linguists from the Astria College University.

Word list Edit


A sym - A

a art - See appendix

aardvark n - a'etafaka, aardvark

aback adv - u ao

abacus n - hua dodola

abalone n - eamao

abandon v - a'eta

abandoned a - u a'eta

abandonment n - a'etao

abase v - teuana

abashed n - enuta'a

abate v - ferioa'a

abatoir n - pei damititeao

abbess n - abesa

abbey n - abesui

abbot n - abesa

abbreviate v - eataremoa

abbreviation n - eataremoa

ABC abr - a u'ebe u'ese

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