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Name HarviAir
Type airlines
Product air transport
Origin Harvian Islands
Founded 1984
Owner(s) Ezalouko Industries (70%)
The 2013 Estates (30%)
Headquarters Port Philip
Profit $57 million (2012)

HarviAir (HCN: 101 - HAC: HAR) is the official national airline and the largest airline company of the Harvian Islands. It was founded in the year of 1984 by the State of the Harvian Islands and is known to be one of the most important companies in all of the harvian industries. HarviAir was taken over by Ezalouko Industries in 2012 due to the state running out of money. 70% of shares were kept by Ezalouko Industries while 30% were donated to the Estates so the government still had some authority over the airline. It has many flights that go to lots of different places in the world. It also looks to join the Eagle Alliance in the near future.

It is well known to be one of the biggest airlines that's main hub is in a pacific island nation behind the likes of Virgin Samoa and the annual 20 billion Lovian dollar maker Air Lovia. 

History Edit

In 1979 the local government published a plan how to improve transport. They agreed that establishing an air company was the best option for spending their money on. So they builded a airport (which was finished in 1986), and founded a airline. Until the airport was finished all their flights started and ended at a temporary airstrip. Since 2004 there are talks about privatizing the airline.

Services Edit

Passenger flights Edit

The company serves within the Pacific region, and maintains lines to California, both Samoa's, Hawaii, Canada, Japan, Micronesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Cargo flights Edit

The company serves within the Pacific region and Southeast Asia, and maintains lines to California, both Samoa's, Hawaii, Canada, Japan, Micronesia, Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, India and New Zealand.

Maintenance of airports Edit

The comapny maintains the three airports in the Harvian Islands, namely Port Philip International Airport, Reefs District Airport and Northern District Airport.

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