Harry Walton Identity
Name Harry Walton
Full name Harry Jack Carl John Walton-Kinsey
Born 6 July 1977, Westville
Home Port Philip
Functions Governor of Leeward and Princeton
Estates Member of the 2010 Estates
Languages Bavanda, English, Dutch

Harry Walton (6 July 1977) is a member of the 2010 Estates. He was one of the supoorters of the Harvia independency movement. He started his political career as city council member of Port Philip in 2002. Between 1999 and 2002 he was, filial manager at a store of Saint John's, a luxe clothing store. In 2004 he became CFO of Hymn Cable. In 2005 he started a mobile telephone company called Walton Mobi. In 2006 he took over Hymn Cable, and grouped it with Walton Mobi in a holding called Walton Media Inc.

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