The Green Coalition is a coalition between the various green parties of Harvia. The coalition was formed in response to the fact that the environmental front in Harvia is fragmented, consisting mostly of a group of local parties.

The coalition was formed on the 15th of September, uniting the Vert Party, the Green Leaves, and the Port Philip Greens. A few weeks later one more party were formed by supporters of the Coalition in other districts, and they also joined the coalition; the Southern Green Party. The coalition now makes it possible to run candidates were there are not green parties. The coalition are the parties united

Political viewsEdit

  • The government should put effort into reversing any environmental damage done during American rule.
  • Equal rights for Samoans and Americans.
  • Provision of a welfare system.
  • Fair trade over free trade.
  • Preservation of traditional Samoan culture.