Logo of the good coalition

"God Save the Samoan People"

The Coalition for Salvation of the Harvian Nation is a right wing coalition formed by the Samoan nationalist party Samoan Power and the European Christian democrats Harvian Christian Union. Together, the parties make up a majority of 6 out of 9 Congressmen (66%).

They both aim for a non-American policy and a society with the emphasis on a national European-Samoan spirit and Christian values.

Viewpoints Edit

  • Ban the current currency (US Dollar) and create an own national currency. It's a main goal to get rid of the American dependence!
  • We need to have as soon as possible a Prime Minister from the right wing coalition, who represents the democratic values and thus the majority of the parliament and the people!
  • Make Christianity the state religion, build a church in each village. Religion should be teached in schools.
  • Give Samoan languages an official status in the entire country.
  • One of our main goals is to write in no-time a constitution which represents the values of a Samoan-European Christian society.
  • Put a limit on the amount of members of the parliament: 10 members maximum.
  • A recompense of $500.000.000,- should be paid by the American state, for the forced labor (slavery) and repression of the Samoan nation. If not, all relations will be broken and Americans will have a hard time in our country!
  • Ban communists and American rioters. They form a threat for the democratic values of the Christian European-Samoan nation.
  • Create legislation on democratic elections, the organization of elections is a priority.
  • Make Stamadri, hometown of most natives, the official (holy & political) capital of the country. A new parliament should be built and replaced to Stamadri.