Buck Leeburg

Leeburg in 1895 on his plantation

Buck Leeburg (1852-1907) was an American explorer who conquered Washington Island and East-Leeburg. He colonised the island, enslaved its inhabitants and forced them to work in the mines or at his mansion. Buck Leeburg was a violent and cruel man, who personally beat up slaves with his whip and enjoyed torturing them and being an overseer. East-Leeburg, as is said, was built on the blood and bones of his victims. In 1907 there was a revolt and Buck Leeburg, whip in hand, was taken by the rebels. He was ripped apart between two horses and then beaten to death with his own whip. His sons, equally cruel in reputation, fled the island. His wife shared his faith. It is rumoured Leeburg was, himself, a mulatto. He is a well known example of colonial cruelty. It is argued that if it weren't for Buck Leeburg, David Makaluau would have never created the Samoan Power-movement and the Harvians would still celibrate, to this day, Colonial Day.